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Moroccan Association for Aid to Children in Precarious Situations

In the few years leading up to 1996, the founding members of AMESIP noted the ever-increasing number of children roaming the streets of Rabat, during school hours, indulging in multiple parallel activities on the run ...

Many of them had started to indulge in different forms of drug addiction: inhalation of hallucinogenic products, consumption of psychotropic drugs.


Most were covered in vermin and often sick. An investigation to determine their geographical origin was launched, all of them had left school prematurely or had never attended.

Since the founding of the AMESIP, we have organized an investigation, the results of which have shown us the way forward to act effectively against this phenomenon of "children in precarious situations".


       Very succinctly, this investigation revealed the following:

  • The vast majority of these children came mainly from Salé and partly from certain outlying districts of Rabat.

  • All these children had a family of close relatives but family ties were weak or almost non-existent.

  • The percentage of girls compared to boys was very low (around 6%).

  • The age range was 6-16 years with a “peak” around 11-14 years.

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