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Centre Youssoufia Rabat


Centre Social pour la Femme et l'Enfant Rabat

Preschool unit.


The preschool unit is dedicated to early childhood, a crucial stage in personal and cognitive development. It has a capacity of 75 children in precarious situation aged from 03 to 06 years old and is divided into 3 levels. The objective of this unit is to promote the awakening of the child and the various components of his personality, in order to prepare him for entering school, to maximize his chances of success and to prevent early school leaving. The unit is headed by an educational director, three early childhood educators and an auxiliary educator.

Professional training units.


The vocational training units provide courses in sewing, model making and cooking. With an overall capacity of 90 places, they equip beneficiaries with the skills necessary to facilitate their socio-professional integration and improve their economic situation. The sewing and pattern making training workshop is provided by 6 trainers and 2 helpers, while the cooking workshop is provided by 3 trainers, each oriented towards a specialty. (Traditional Moroccan cuisine, Moroccan pastry, international pastry.

Women and Children : TOURIYA BENMAKHLOUF

Tel : 05 37 65 40 86

Youssoufia Preeschool : LAILA TAZI
Tel : 05 37 75 27 47


The Youssoufia Center for Women and Children


Is a multidisciplinary structure created by the Moroccan Association for the Assistance of Children in Precarious Situations, in Rabat. The center is made up of a preschool unit, three vocational training units, and a housing unit for girls in precarious situations. Each unit is dedicated to a function for the protection and social inclusion of children and women who benefit from the services of the center.

Emergency accommodation unit for girls in precarious situations.


Finally, the emergency accommodation unit for girls in precarious situations provides reception, temporary accommodation, psychological and legal support and social integration for girls or mothers experiencing serious difficulties in order to help them access or regain their personal autonomy. The beneficiaries of this unit are often victims of domestic violence. This unit has a capacity of 15 beds and is supervised by a specialist educator, an educational assistant and a social worker.


The Petit Souk


In order to give life to training and to promote artisanal know-how and its transmission, Le Petit Souk was created to be a sociable income-generating space. This empowerment through training enhances the ancestral heritage to keep it alive, a condition for lasting appropriation of the skill.

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