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Call for donations to help orphans of El Haouz earthquake

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On the night of Friday September 8, Morocco was struck by a devastating tragedy. An earthquake caused enormous damage in many towns and villages in the west of the country, particularly in the Amizmiz region, which was particularly hard hit. The disaster plunged many people into extreme poverty, leaving many children homeless and orphaned.


Emergency response plan

In response to this crisis, the Moroccan Association for Aid to Children in Precarious Situations (AMESIP), in partnership with the Association Fès Mémory, is applying its social, cultural and architectural skills to help orphans and disaster victims. An emergency action plan has been drawn up.

To this end, a 2-hectare plot of land has been made available by the Province of El Haouz for the construction of the Shems'y village. It will provide permanent shelter for over 200 children affected by the disaster, using housing built to earthquake-resistant standards and adapted for habitation, as well as areas for education, culture, and social and psychological support.

 Erecting the village in the children's native region also aims to keep them close to their extended families, so as not to uproot them and preserve the memory of the regions concerned.

In addition, the homes of the orphans destroyed by the earthquake will be rebuilt to preserve their dignity, their heritage and their future.

Estimated construction and rehabilitation costs are 2,500 dirhams per square meter, 1,250 dirhams for half a square meter and 625 dirhams for a quarter of a square meter.

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Why donate ?

We are appealing to your generosity to bring comfort to these deeply affected children, so as to preserve their link with their homeland while rekindling hope in these regions. Protecting the dignity of these stricken children is an absolute priority in dealing with this disaster. They have already experienced trauma and major disruption to their daily lives. Therefore, it is imperative to offer them a space where they feel safe, respected and protected.

It is also essential to put in place specific measures to protect these children from all forms of exploitation. Forced marriage and forced labor are very real threats, particularly in crisis situations where social and family structures can be weakened. Authorities and humanitarian organizations must work closely together to monitor the situation of children in crisis, and put in place mechanisms to prevent and punish such abuses. Child protection laws and policies must be rigorously enforced to ensure that these children do not suffer further exploitation, but rather receive the care, education and support they need to rebuild and reintegrate into society with dignity.


Show solidarity and help those orphans:

We sincerely hope that you will respond positively to our appeal, and we thank you very much for your solidarity. Please accept our fraternal and compassionate greetings.

To support our cause, you can make a donation. You can either make a transfer to our bank account at Attijari Wafabank, or use the "Donate" button on our secure CMI account.

  • Rib : 007 810 0001594000000698 36

  • BIC - Swift Code: BCMAMAMC

  • IBAN : MA64 007 810 0001594000000698 36

The earthquake struck at the heart of Morocco,
The hearts of Moroccans beat for Morocco's orphan victims.

Shems’y Village

Orphanage project under supervision of AMESIP at Amizmiz

"Moroccan Association for Aid to Children in Precarious Situations"

(Recognized as public utility)

1 - AMIZMIZ - PROJET ORPHELINA Village Shemsy.png
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Families in help listed by AMESIP partner with the architects of Fès Mémory association

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290 Individuals   /  84 Families

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 "A Village of Resilience, A Future of Brilliance."

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