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Moroccan Association for Aid to Children in Precarious Situations

Recognized as public utility

AMESIP has established 13 reception centers to date and other facilities, through which we take care, totally or partially, of 1,350 children who were in precarious situations to whom we provide what they lack the most:

  • Non-formal education (Arabic; French; IT; civic, religious, artistic education; leisure; sport; ...) for those who could not have a normal school curriculum

  • Refresher course of one or two years for those who still have the possibility of joining the schools of the Ministry of National Education (after tests in agreement with the MEN)

  • Basic services: meals, clothing, hygiene and care, school supplies and monitoring, accommodation if necessary, professional pre-training then training when they are of the required age.

  • Support courses for children returned to school by us or children of poor families in the neighborhoods where our centers are located

  • We are working on the restructuring of lost family ties or on strengthening them. We help to solve all social or administrative problems: Civil status.

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