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Since 2009, the National Circus School Shems has been training professional circus artists under the new state circus artist diplomas recognized by the Ministry of Vocational Training. The training generally lasts 3 years and its duration can be individualized, up to 4.5 years for those whose background would justify it.

The training principle adopted is that of alternation between training time at the national circus school and professional performance time, as an artist and in technical management, allowing to explore the different facets of the artist's profession in the training process. This form of training confronts young apprentices with the reality of the profession of circus artist and encourages them to become aware of the importance of a common project for individual development, of the need to appropriate body language and unique artistic expression to express the world around them.


In 2022, Shems’ has 65 laureates, 100% professional integration, 35 apprentice artists in vocational training, 80 young people in preparatory class for the entrance exam and 200 children in socialization each year.

From artistic learning to artistic competence, the proof by Karacena.


Karacena, biennial of circus and travel arts, offers a platform of first importance in this strategy of alternation by addressing various professional situations, from urban intervention to the show under a marquee, from the collective presentation to the individual score. , from the choreographed movement to the spectacular prowess through the dramatic interpretation.


Karacena is also a time of intercultural exchange through the production of shows bringing together artists from a variety of professional backgrounds and cultural origins largely marked by the Mediterranean (France, Morocco, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy ...).


Shems’y culminated in the 8th edition of Karacena, The Artists boarding the city, scheduled from August 21 to September 21 2022. The edition of Karacena 2020 has been postponed due to a pandemic ...

The National Circus School Shems'y becomes an artistic pole of show.

Since September 2009, the National Circus School Shems’y has been a place of artistic and educational residencies for international circus companies . Shems'y also welcomes young professional Moroccan companies there who need to develop new creations and repeat them.


Shems’y also develops artistic creation projects with apprentices in training (Awal Qalam project, writing and producing spectacular and innovative forms).

The National Circus School Shems’y has thus become an essential artistic and cultural operator in regional planning, from local to international.

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