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At Amesip, we believe in the growing involvement of business in humanitarian action. Whatever their size, they play a decisive role in our emergency responses, in our reconstruction projects and access to basic infrastructure, access to education and training for young people in precarious situations.

Financial partnership, skills partnership, donation in kind, solidarity products & services, Internal mobilization and research partnership are the many ways of getting involved and working together to help the most vulnerable populations.

The Financial Partnership

Providing financial support is the most effective way to sustain AMESIP actions and projects.


Our background and the diversity of areas of intervention allow us to jointly determine the projects that correspond to your desire to participate.


Financial donations can come from natural or legal persons, and the sums paid are tax deductible.

(For additional information on deductibility, refer to the general tax code at the following link)



Do you want to associate your image with a cultural, artistic, local event that carries values? You can do this by becoming a partner or sponsor and thus:

  • Show your dynamism in terms of artistic and cultural patronage / sponsorship.

  • Promote your image to an audience, within the city, region and kingdom.

  • Benefit from a tax deduction of the amount of the donation, in the event of sponsorship, on your taxable income, whether you are a natural or legal person.

Why choose AMESIP-Mécénat?

  • You can help us promote the development of emerging artists and new technology startups.

  • We are in partnership with Media and Press which disseminate our events to all its members and on its social networks, consequently giving you more visibility

  • Communication being shared in the cities of the kingdom, your visibility will go beyond the regional territory.


Sponsor or Partner?

Sponsorship is material or financial support, benefiting from direct compensation by the beneficiaries for work or individuals engaged in activities of general humanitarian interest. On the other hand, a partnership allows the beneficiary's peer to benefit from his partner. Support can be financial or in-kind support: provision of goods, provision of services and / or material resources.


In return, we undertake to mention your structure on all our communication media (posters, flyers distributed in cities and press release sent to local and regional media). In the event of a donation: mention of your structure on all communication media and presence at events  (display of your logo on a banner and possibility of holding a stand on site).



Sponsorship is a reason for appealing to public generosity and mutual aid.

This is the noblest and most effective way to help a child and make him smile.

Sponsored children The choice of children to sponsor is an important aspect of the activities of the AMESIP Association. Helping children aims to offer them a personal future; while helping their communities aims to develop a collective future for them.


AMESIP recommends the sum of 100 Dhs per month or more according to the wishes of the sponsor. This amount is used to help with schooling, tutoring, the purchase of school supplies or any other specific need.


Godfathers and godmothers can be natural or legal persons, and the sums paid are tax deductible.

(For additional information on deductibility, refer to the general tax code at the following link) 


Sponsorship is the link that helps the child to rebuild himself and to smile again

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