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Centre El Jadida


Tel : 05 23 38 74 98

Presentation of the Shems'y El Jadida center


The SHEMS’Y- El Jadida Reception Center is a place to support children in precarious situations in the territory of El Jadida.


Inaugurated on November 16, 2016, by Mr. Mouaad Jamai, Governor of the province of El Jadida, and Mrs. Touraya Bouabid, President of the Moroccan Association for help to children in precarious situations.


It is a place where foster children receive an education in accordance with the programs of the Ministry of National Education; the non-formal education program.


They also practice various activities (educational, cultural, leisure ...) adapted are therefore offered. Trained and competent professionals are present to welcome, listen and support the realization of this project.


From the start of the 2020 school year, the center will offer training in web development and digital skills. This is in line with AMESIP's policy to set up modern qualifying work-study training programs recognized by the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment.


This training aims to equip apprentices with the skills and tools necessary for their integration into the job market, or for the most ambitious to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure, a vocation that AMESIP encourages its apprentices and laureates to pursue.


The team is made up of a center coordinator, three educators, two facilitators and three service women.


This function is structured around three missions:

  • Achieving a relationship of trust with the target group, and therefore identifying the specificity of each case.

  • The reestablishment of the social bond between the targeted category and their family.

  • Education, guidance, training and integration then reach these children in schools or move on to vocational training with the help of the association.

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