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École Numérique Shemsytech Salé



Tel : 08 08 54 93 89


The Ameur training center for the qualification and integration of young people

is a project led by the Moroccan Association for Aid to Children in Precarious Situations, chaired by Ms. Touraya Bouabid, in partnership with the INDH.

The center provides two free training courses focused on the professions of the future, the first is a qualifying training for a versatile sound and light manager, the second being a specialized training for an IT developer.


The training of versatile sound and light manager

is a qualifying training of two years, divided between the theoretical course time within the center, as well as practical time inside and outside the center. With a capacity of 12 apprentices, they receive technical and practical training, as well as modern languages ​​and physical mathematics courses to perfect their learning.


The web developer training

is a specialized one-year training course, where apprentices learn several computer languages, as well as courses in entrepreneurship, modern languages, and sports. The training has a capacity of hosting 20 apprentices has 20 apprentices within it, and it is considered a socio-economic lever for the benefit of young people in the region by providing them with the skills and tools to enter the market. work and for the most ambitious to create their own start-up.


In addition to training, the center is intended as a cultural space, for the transmission of knowledge and civic values ​​for the benefit of the youngest. Thus, in collaboration with the primary schools adjacent to the center, the schoolchildren of the establishments benefit in addition to the media library, from various cultural workshops.These workshops are chosen by the children themselves, during which they have the opportunity to express themselves around of several themes.


At the media library, young people and children have access to a vast catalog of works and books in different languages, as well as a digital space where they can do research, and fun games made available to them under the supervision. supervisors Also weekly screenings of films or documentaries followed by a debate are organized. This is how more than 300 children benefit from the various activities of the center and its facilities.

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Coding and web development

Vision of the FPA

Alternate vocational training (FPA) aims to link training to the realities of the company due to the fact that the training takes place in parallel in two distinct and complementary spaces where the company and the establishment combine their efforts to give the best possible qualification to the employees. young people looking for a job



The objectives of Alternate Vocational Training are:

  • The basis of a strategy aimed at bringing training closer to job requirements 

  • The establishment of partnerships and close links between the world of training and the world of production 

  • The involvement of the company in the training process to ensure the adaptation of training to the realities of professional life in the working world and to technological and socio-professional changes in order to train a qualified and productive workforce 

  • The professional integration of young people by preparing them throughout the training stage, for direct contact with the reality of the professional world and of employment and to put them in the context of the constraints and the real working conditions within the company.

Target population:

Anyone aged at least 15 years and at most 26 years old on the date of conclusion of the alternate vocational training contract, can register in the vocational training center.

Duration of studies:

1st Year: Tronc Commun 9 months concluded with a professional internship or project study 2nd Year: Specialization 9 months concluded by a project mentoring or professional integration.

Rating system:

Quarterly skills assessment: T1 / T2 / T3


Languages, Terminology, Communication and Expression Techniques

  • French

  • English


Starting a business has never been so popular. Young people remain the most prolific when it comes to ideas and creation. Entrepreneurship studies are aimed at both novices and people who already have some business knowledge, whose objective is to help young people climb the stages of creation by introducing them to the different aspects of a business: Creation, financing, legal status, accounting, management.

Entrepreneurial Study Program

In these courses, the courses focus on the different stages of business creation until its complete management. Thus, students have a large selection of courses on the business world.

  • Business creation and founding - legal, tax and formalities

  • Local market studies and choice of community micro projects

  • Construction of the business model and pilot community action plans

  • Project financing, bank loans, incubation and partnership

  • Becoming a self-entrepreneur 

  • Basics of general accounting

  • Strategic management and operational management

  • Marketing, merchandising techniques and E-Commerce

Communication and artistic creation The mission of communication and artistic creation studies is to translate ideas into images and, to do this, use appropriate software. In this training, the student must therefore include an artistic and technical component.


The communication and artistic creation student is involved in the design of illustrations, drawings, models and sketches in order to effectively illustrate and communicate a message, publication or information.


Through his international and global approach, he acquired during his training a facility for drawing. He plays an artistic and creative role with a great sense of communication in computer graphics and DTP.


An image professional, which can intervene in the various stages of the production in order to visually convey the message that the client wishes to deliver.


Study program

In these courses, the courses focus on the different stages of artistic and graphic creation. The training in Communication and artistic creation prepares the student for the professions of: Graphic designer, computer graphics designer, web designer in which he is trained in digital graphic design, packaging, visual identity, print publishing.

  • Microsoft

  • Publisher

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • QuarkXpress

  • InDesign

  • After Effect

  • 3DS Max

Web development and digital skills "Coding"

Web Coding is a training course in which the developer is responsible for creating a website and its functionalities. Whom is a programmer able to adapt to the different languages ​​and tasks of the site and has heavy responsibilities.


The web developer has a perfect command of the languages ​​and tools for developing websites.


The training course is based on learning and training in programming languages ​​for the operation of computer systems (OS, DBMS) and frameworks (web) and development methodologies.


The web developer will be equipped to approach the different technologies that you will be confronted with during your career.

I. "Common Core" Study Program - 9 Months

Technological culture

  • Computer system: (Architecture and operation of computers, networks and internet)

  • Electronic messaging systems: (Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, instagram)

  • Administrative office: (Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote) Office 365

Management IT I:

  • Database management software: Access

  • Computer Analysis Merise MCD - MLD - MPD

  • SQL language

Object Oriented Programming I (Basics)

  • Algorithmic

  • C / Java language

Coding Web I (Front-end) Start your career as a Web Developer

  • Culture Tech Web: (Web and E-commerce professions)

  • Create a Blog and an E-commerce Site with Wix / WordPress

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

  • CSS (Cascading Styles Sheets)

  • Javascript Bootstrap and Responsive

  • Development Hosting, domain names - Putting a site online

Company internship / Professional projects

  • Professional mentoring

  • Professional integration

shemsy tech
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Multipurpose sound stage manager

You will learn to:

  • Interpret and translate the artistic requests of the director / director into technical choices.

  • Analyze and identify the technical needs for an event, a show, a recording and a mixing in the studio or on the radio.

  • Install technical, lighting, sound, structural and stage equipment for the show, studio or radio.

  • Program and configure
    - sound recording and reproduction equipment: digital mixing console, microphones, speakers 
    - lighting equipment: desk, motorized and traditional projector

  • Install stages and structures.

  • Detect failures and ensure equipment maintenance.

Professional integration: theaters, cultural centers, theater companies, dance, circus, Equipment rental providers, event agencies, performance venues and operators, etc.

Opening for training in October 2019.

Duration 2 years in work-study program.

Candidates: Bac level required. Male / Female from 18 to 30 years old.

Courses in French with Moroccan and European professionals.

Qualifying training in alternation with professional operators.


Equipped places for learning:

  • Amesip integration and qualification center in Ameur

  • National Circus School Shems’y in Salé.

  • Kan Ya Makan project… Rdda, Moulay Ali Cherif school, Fès Jdid.


Next recruitment October 2020

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