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Faced with the observation of so many children left to themselves, excluded in the greatest indifference, men and women of good will have decided to act by putting in place a local development strategy, to make life reign. - together in our neighborhoods.


AMESIP is in direct contact with society, our teams of social workers give the best of themselves, roam the streets to persuade these children that the street is a dead end!


Convinced that our society is based on solidarity, our commitment has been to improve the daily lives of these children, forge links with their families, educate them, transmit universal values, train young people, stimulate their creativity, stimulate initiatives and support, cultivate projects, generate income-generating activities, with the aim of opening minds, promoting the development of individuals, regaining dignity, becoming autonomous, making culture a lever for human development and social cohesion, renewing the hope for a better future and mastering their destiny, which enhance the territory through human initiatives, living in the present with it's heritage, mobilizing for a humanist future.


The success of this societal challenge requires the involvement of local communities, regions, national and international organizations, socially responsible companies, cooperation services of embassies, patrons, media, influencers, passers-by of ideas and dream builders ...


Let us put all our energy so that our youth can be proud to be Moroccan, and that they feel useful to their country. Let us all be passionate so that our youngsters find their place in the world. Let us help them build a peaceful, just and modern Morocco.

Mme. Touraya Jaidi Bouabid
Founder and President of AMESIP

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