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AMESIP, building their dreams, building their future.

The Moroccan Association for Aid to Children in Precarious Situations, recognized as a public utility, was born out of the will of women and men eager to create a better future for Moroccan children and young people. Based on the observation that culture, education, training are levers for improvement and emancipation for Moroccan youth, AMESIP has built all of its action around these precepts, to invest in people , which is the fundamental resource of any society wishing to move forward and develop.


Thus, since its creation to today, AMESIP has diversified its approach through the creation of centers in several cities of the Kingdom, where training, cultural workshops, preschool units, are set up for children. and young people, to enable them to extricate themselves from the stagnation surrounding them, and to galvanize their spirit in order to fully express the potential residing in them. By educating and raising awareness among children from an early age, Amesip first performs prevention work, thus maximizing the effectiveness of its approach. Access to culture from childhood awakens capacities and sensitivities, thus promoting children's development and openness to the world around them.


Culture is also seen as a vehicle for education, particularly in civic and moral values, focused on empathy, respect, sharing, with the conviction that instilling these notions in them from an early age makes it possible to raise women and men who will build the society of tomorrow.


Amesip's trademark is to set up cultural workshops in all of its day centers: choirs, visual arts, theater, chess. So many recreational and fun activities, to make the neighborhoods sing, draw their destiny, express their being and cultivate the spirit.


Nevertheless, the hazards of life keep some children from the path of knowledge, school, and wonder and deliver them to the throes of the streets where they are exposed to violence, ignorance and distress.


AMESIP, thanks to the commitment and effort of it's social workers in the field, is reaching out to them to lift them from the breeding grounds of obscurantism and neglect.


The fight against mistreatment, dropping out of school, and child labor, are all missions that Amesip tackles with fervor on a daily basis. Thanks to the tutoring course, and the second chance school, AMESIP aims to reintegrate children who have gradually dropped out of the traditional school network, or otherwise to accompany them towards vocational training, firmly believing in the right to a new chance in life.


Drug addiction, STDs, and sterile idleness are other dangers that threaten Moroccan youth. In a effort to fight this phenomeon, Amesip created the Maison du Nouveau Départ, the first detoxification center in Morocco, where children victims of the scourge of drugs are taken in for treatment and rehabilitation.


Identity is another inalienable possession of the child. Thus, AMESIP, through its legal service, works for the recognition in the civil status of several hundred children per year, in order to restore broken family links, and allow children to enjoy their right to identity.


AMESIP's approach does not stop only with the work of prevention, awareness and reintegration, but goes beyond, in particular by also focusing on training, considered as an essential tool in the socio-economic integration and access to dignity through work.

Between tradition and modernity, Amesip has set up several training courses, spread over its centers to meet the needs of the different targeted populations. The training of circus artist at the Ecole du Cirque du Shems’y de Salé is a pioneer of its kind, allowing reintegration through the sensitive, while the Ecole des Arts Culinaires trains people in hospitality. The Maison de la Femme et de L’Enfant in Rabat offers traditional training in ancestral crafts, and The School of Equestrian Arts in Ain Atig in equestrian aerobatoc. New jobs are not left out, The Kan Ya Makkan Rdda School in Fez and the Ameur Youth Qualification and Integration Center train for the jobs of show managers and web developer, as well as in photography, and DTP.


Aware, too, that entrepreneurship is a path to independence, as well as a lever for social inclusion, AMESIP encourages its apprentices to orient themselves towards this path, to think and offer new alternatives to their communities, create new opportunities and actively participate in the national economic fabric.


In addition to training, AMESIP strives to connect all of its training courses through cultural events, in particular its Karacena biennial, where the various apprentices are brought to practice the acquired know-how, under the guidance of their supervisors, and companions from all over the world, in a spirit of sharing and transmission of knowledge.


If the main mission of AMESIP is to fight against insecurity for a better social cohesion, it is also an association that learns to learn from its environment, weaving relationships of trust with national institutions and other associative partners working for the same objective, but also at the international level, developing North-South cooperation, as well as South-South, in order to expand its horizons and experiences.


To this end, AMESIP regularly organizes workshops and training days for its teams, as well as those of partner associations, thus developing skills and allowing the implementation of new actions in the field that are more effective and in line with the needs of society in terms of civil action.

​Education, awareness, training, reintegration, so many missions in which AMESIP puts heart, will and hard work, with the ambition to extend the scope of its actions through the opening of new centers, to take up the challenge of creating a better Morocco that preserves the dignity of its young people, their unity and their faith in an enchanted future.

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