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Shems'y Coding


A project aimed at teaching young people who are in a precarious situation web development from an early age, an innovative educational project.

Very widely democratized, technology now governs all of our actions. While society as a whole uses technology, it does so without really understanding how hardware tools (phone, tablet, computer) and software (code, software) work. This is particularly the case for children who are exposed to it early on.

Shems’y Coding intends to address this issue. To do this, the training offers introductory web development courses from an early age, to equip young people with the necessary tools and awaken vocations in them. Shems'y Coding also wishes to reduce the digital divide by teaching young people the language of today and tomorrow in order to prepare them for the challenges of the future as citizens of the world, while making them aware of an ethical and healthy use of the net.

The target age group is between 7 and 20 years old. The target audience is made up of children attending schools adjacent to the centers, as well as young people benefiting from the second chance school program of the various centers of the Moroccan Association for the Assistance of Children in Precarious Situations (AMESIP). , in Rabat, Salé, Ameur, Ain Atiq, Casablanca, El Jadida, and Fès. The number of young people targeted is between 1000 and 1500 young people. In addition, they will be able to benefit from the program for free.

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In addition, Shems’y Coding is a socio-professional integration project, born from the web developer training of Shems’y Tech (AMESIP web development school). Distributed over the different cities, the winners will be responsible for delivering the courses to the beneficiaries of the program. In fact, 7 Shems’y Tech laureates are involved in the project and have received training in pedagogy.

The program started in the various centers of AMESIP, in Rabat, Sale, El Jadida, Fes and Casablanca. The total duration of the Shems'y Coding training is 57 hours, over a period of 9 months divided into 3 phases.

· Phase 1: familiarization with computers and the web and learning healthy practices for using the Internet.

· Phase 2: fun introduction to code through the use of Scratch to create algorithms, video games and dynamic figures.

· Phase 3: discovery of digital drawing software Krita and Fresh Paint. Easy to use, they help develop the creative potential of young people.

Shems'y Coding is a human, social and educational project oriented and carried by young people and for young people. The objective is to raise 80,000 Dhs, which will be used to acquire the educational material necessary for the increasethe number of beneficiaries.

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This project is sportingly supported by Jennat El Guennouni, volunteer within AMESIP and Asmaa Chakir Alaoui, participants in the Sahraouiya 2022 women's and solidarity raid. It is a multisport raid that will take place in the city of Dakhla, which allows participants helped by their sponsors to support a large number of Moroccan associations. In case of victory, the participants will donate their earnings to the Moroccan Association for Aid to Children in Precarious Situations (AMESIP). For more information, please visit the site:


By participating in this fundraiser for the Shems'y Coding project, you encourage our sportswomen to go beyond their limits and you participate in the sustainability of a social and educational entrepreneurship project, all for the benefit of young people in precarious situations.
To support Shems'y Coding, you can donate easily and securely by clicking on the donate button at the top of the page.

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