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Centre Moulay Ismail Salé


Centre Hay N'biat Salé



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Centre Sidi Moumen Casablanca

The fight against dropping out of school and social exclusion were always among the challenges and challenges to be taken up by the Moroccan Association for Aid to Children in Precarious Situations, and in this context several centers have been opened throughout the country. Kingdom, in Sale, Rabat, Casablanca and El Jadida. Since the opening to date, we have always had a strong demand for registration given the quality of the services offered by the Shems'y centers on the one hand and the quality of education and teaching on the other hand. . In this context, we have also enrolled children from other countries with different nationalities (Libya-Tunisia-Congo-Jordan-Saudi Arabia-Italy).


But to carry out and succeed in our action, we meet every year with all the parents in order to strengthen communication between the families and the educational team of the different centers. Also to sensitize them to fight with us against dropping out of school for the well-being and development of their children. And to succeed in our educational and academic mission; we take care of children on all levels. At the start of the new school year and to help families, we offer children satchels filled with school supplies.


Also two meals per day are provided to the beneficiaries (at noon and during the afternoon tea). And when a child gets sick; he is quickly referred to the neighborhood medical center or at worst to a hospital to do what is necessary. If not throughout the year, we work with children on the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene in order to maintain good moral and physical health. And in this regard, we organize awareness campaigns in partnership with other associations or organizations.


Also, and in order to ensure the well-being of children, the center offers several activities in parallel with schooling, according to the motivations, passions and abilities of each and in this regard several workshops are made available to children:

  • Choir or music workshop

  • Drama or dance lessons for those who opt for body expression

  • Taekwondo or football lessons for sports lovers.

  • Cooking workshop

  • Drawing workshop or manual work, the latter is the most requested workshop because it allows children to develop their senses of creativity and imagination. And all of the crafted items are on display at the spring festivals that the center holds every year.

And to integrate children into society; we organize and offer them outings either in nature or cultural outings such as heritage days to discover the oldest places of their city. And during religious holidays and to make children happy; we distribute eid clothes and we give shows if not, we share religious rituals like during the holy month or during the feast of the sheep.


This is how we carry on with the daily grind of our life at Amesip's Shems’y centers with our children; and our task continues to accompany them after reintegration into state schools until they drop out of baccalaureate or even after. And for those who find it difficult to continue their education, we direct them to vocational training and we help them find a job so that they can live afterwards with dignity, relying only on themselves.

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