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Awareness and support to contribute to the fight against child labor in domestic work

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The project "Awareness and support to contribute to the fight against child labor in domestic work" is planned over a period of 12 months, at the level of the prefectures of Rabat, Salé and Témara.


Supported by the AMESIP association, this project is supported by the BIT within the framework of MAP'16 Morocco.


In accordance with its strategic objectives, AMESIP intends to contribute through this project to the national efforts to protect children against exploitation in domestic work.


Child workers in this sector are among the most vulnerable categories of workers in Morocco, as they are invisible behind closed doors, work long hours, without any protective framework, for low pay and may be victims of violence and abuse by their employers.


The option for preventive actions is dictated by a positive development of the phenomenon, the achievements of which must be strengthened, and the adoption of Law 19-12, the provisions of which are still unknown among the groups concerned, as well as by the need to mobilize the actors in question to fight against the phenomenon of school dropping, which is still significant, and protect children from this form of exploitation.


In this context, AMESIP offers, with the help of other partners, to support the current development through sustainable actions of awareness and social mobilization, oriented towards children at risk, their parents and social circle and families of reception, and potential employers, on the risks and alternatives, especially  on the child protection provisions offered by the law 19-12.


This project aims to contribute to the prevention of TETD at the level of Rabat, Salé and Temara through awareness-raising, support and social mobilization actions.

Law 19-12 establishes the working and employment conditions of domestic workers.

TETD: child labor in domestic work.

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