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Particularities of the center and its beneficiaries


This center, inaugurated on February 25, 2005, differs from the others of Amesip on several points. First, note its geographic location. While the other centers have the privilege of being local centers, located in the very neighborhoods where the majority of children come from, "La Maison du Nouveau Départ" is located some 25 km from Rabat. Its second characteristic, complementary to the first, is the fact that this center is, unlike the others, a closed center. The children live there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What are the reasons for such a choice?


These peculiarities, far from being random, correspond to the third characteristic of the center: The beneficiaries. The audience is made up of street children and street children, aged 10 to 17, having consumed for a variable number of years or months, different types of drugs, mainly cigarettes, alcohol, the hashish and the sniffing of glue and thinners.

  • The ages of the children, from 10 to 17 years old.

  • The educational level attained, varying from never enrolled in the seventh year.

  • The number of years spent in the street and the duration of consumption.

  • Parental status (married, separated, divorced, deceased, remarried with or without the presence of a stepfather or stepmother) and the consequences of this on the child.

  • Trauma suffered within the family (exploitation, mistreatment, etc.) or in the street (sexual abuse, violence, etc.)

These differences are essential in that they oblige the center to establish objectives and future perspectives adapted to each case.



It is the only detoxification center for children in precarious situations who have indulged in different forms of drug addiction in Morocco, this center includes:

  • Two classrooms (non-formal education of children)

  • A plastic arts workshop

  • A media library

  • A music workshop

  • A large multipurpose room (gymnastics, circus, theater, etc.).

  • A kitchen

  • A refectory

  • A Game room.

  • Residence building with a capacity of 96 beds

  • A soccer field

  • School of equestrian arts.

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Objectives, purposes


Through the full care of children (accommodation, food, schooling, medical care, clothing, hygiene, education, psychological support and vocational training for older children), the Maison du Nouveau Départ and its main objectives are detoxification, supervision of the reintegration of street children and training in horse trades and equestrian sport. To do this, they are offered various activities: non-formal education, sport, circus workshop, civic education, plastic arts, music. Each cured street child is replaced by another child spotted by street educators.


Work is also provided in the direction of a co-education of the parents of the child, the Maison du Nouveau Départ in order to recreate positive links with the family of each of these children.


The structure also aims at risk prevention and dangers threatening the child: assault, labor exploitation, mistreatment, delinquency, theft, begging, prostitution, etc.


The purpose of the association is to totally eradicate the phenomenon of children wandering in the streets of the wilaya of Rabat Salé Kenitra and push equestrian training.

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