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Shems’y Village for Orphans
“Wards of the Nation”


Our project

            Shems’y Village of orphans

                 “Wards of the Nation”
As part of this humanitarian initiative, the Shems'y Village was set up in the El Haouz region. This village will serve as a refuge to accommodate 150 orphans. The main objective is to create a haven of peace where these children can regain a feeling of well-being and security. Within the Shems'y Village, infrastructure will be dedicated to:
  • Education,
  • Teaching,
  • Art, culture and sport,
  • New digital technology,
  • Social and psychological support.
The vision is to support orphans in their reconstruction process and guide them towards a bright future despite the challenges they have faced. A team made up of educators, cultural specialists and social workers will be present to carefully monitor their growth and overall development.
The Shems'y Village is considered to have a significant impact on the education of children, their personal reconstruction, and their opening to more promising future prospects. Each child is considered a seed of hope for the future of the country, and AMESIP is determined to support them throughout their journey.

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I. Main objective of the Project:

Integrated Rehabilitation, Psychological Support and Reintegration Program for Children and Their Families Victims of the Earthquake in Shems’y Village.

II. Intermediate objective of the Project:

Facilitate the complete rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration of children affected by the earthquake, while strengthening the psychological well-being of their families within the Shems’y Village.

III. Specific Project Objectives:

  1. Rehabilitation and Education:
Create a safe and development-friendly environment for children by providing them with quality infrastructure, educational programs adapted to their level and professional training opportunities for adolescents.
  2. New digital technology:
Shems'y Coding will allow children to introduce you to computer coding from a very young age and reduce the digital divide by teaching young people the language of today and tomorrow in order to prepare them for the challenges of the future as as citizens of the world, while raising awareness of ethical and healthy use of the internet.
  • Familiarization with computers and good practices for using the Internet.
  • Algorithmics and fun introduction to code (Scratch, games and dynamic figures).
  • Digital drawing to develop the creative potential of young people.

3. Comprehensive Psychological Support:
  • Initial assessment of mental health needs for each child and family member.
  • Individual therapy sessions led by qualified psychologists for children and adults.
  • Emotional management, resilience and conflict resolution workshops for children and their parents.
  • Group sessions to encourage the exchange of experiences and the strengthening of social support networks.

4. Mental Health Education:
Organize educational sessions to raise awareness among families about the importance of mental health, combat stigma, and promote healthy practices regarding emotional well-being.

5. Community Support:
Facilitate the creation of strong links between families in Shems’y Village, thus encouraging mutual aid and the construction of a supportive community.

IV. Methodology :
AMESIP, with its 27 years of experience in humanitarian aid and social rehabilitation, has implemented an adapted social system to guarantee the quality of interventions managed by a multidisciplinary team including:
  • Psychologists,
  • Educators,
  • Social workers,
  • Rehabilitation professionals.

The primary objective is to create a stimulating and inclusive educational environment for the children of the village, with an approach:
“Growing up in well-being and dignity”.

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V. Actions:

AMESIP has started a first training session for its future social workers. During this introductory meeting, needs were identified, roles were introduced, and an overview of the upcoming training program was given. Then, a three-week advanced training phase, supervised by experts in psychology and support for children in difficult situations, was scheduled. Following this training, these social workers will join the team at Chems'y Village, where they will provide essential support to the affected orphaned children of El Haouz.

The Arushiom Foundation had the chance to meet on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, the AMESIP team who  will be working with the orphaned children of Amimiz in a few weeks.
The subject of this workshop was the impact of the subconscious on trauma. The speakers had the chance to see how it is possible to permanently remove fears by working at the subconscious level.
Master Richard gave them the experience and will return in 2024 to work on site with the team and the children in order to help them with the traumas they experienced.


Advanced training day for the benefit of social workers from the Shems'y AMEZMIZ village: Exploration of methods and procedures in social investigation under the guidance of Mr. Lahsen Marsane, sociologist. Deciphering advanced techniques for data collection, case analysis, and communication with individuals and communities. A fascinating journey into the world of social investigation.


The training period began to create harmony within the team


The social workers were divided into four groups for carrying out the surveys and the first contact with the beneficiaries of El Haouz, with the allocation of specific municipalities to each group.


Visit of His Excellency Mr Christophe Lecourtier, Ambassador of France to Morocco, on February 09, 2024, within the partnership for the equipment of the Village Shems'y with the Embassy of France.


The ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Mr. Julien-Vincent Brunie, honored us with a visit to the village of Shemsy to benefit the orphans of the Al Haouz earthquake, on Saturday, May 04, 2024.
In the presence of the Mayor of Amzmiz and Madame Elisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal.
The Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta is one of the builders of dreams, making a major contribution to the facilities of the village that will welcome 144 children who were victims of the earthquake that struck our country on September 8, 2023.

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